2018 Schedule


Schedule for September 2018

Church Planting Executive Director Retreat – September 2018

Theme:  More

Monday, September 17

3 pm:   Registration begins – Lobby of the Wind River Lodge (Go directly to the Lodge for Rooms)

5 pm:   Dinner – On your own or connect with someone in the Wind River Lodge Lobby

7 pm:   Devotion:  Lance

7:30:    Introductions (Directors / Team members / Sponsors and Theme)

8:30:    Devotion and prayer:  Paige Mathews

9 pm:   Schedule overview:  Paige Mathews

9:15:    Ice Cream Gathering

Tuesday, September 18

8 am:   Devotion:  Greg Garcia

8:30:    More Personal Care:  Lynn Ragsdale

9:30:    Break

9:45:    More Sharpening #1:  Personal Tank Filling — Harry Douglas, Stan Granberg

10:30:  More Stories #1:  Funniest Church Planting memories (Stories from the directors)

11:30:  More Sharpening:  Donor Development – Tim Cole, George Johnson, Lance Hurley

12 pm: Lunch (Lynn Ragsdale: The Solomon Foundation Sponsor)

7 pm:   More Resiliency:  Lynn Ragsdale

8:00:    CDF shares with the Directors: David Pace

8:15:    More Stories #2:  Stories of God’s provision for ministry (Stories from directors)

9 pm:   Devotion and prayer:  Dean Trune

Wednesday, September 19

8 am:   Devotion:  Sean Thome

8:30:    More Sharpening #2:  Planting practices – Dale Spaulding, Phil Claycomb, Craig Fausett

9:45:    Break

10 am: More Sharpening #3:  Focusing forward – David Empson, Phil Claycomb, George Johnson

10:45:  Getting More through brand identity:  Chris Jefferson

11:15:  More Sharpening #4:  Planter Care – (Director Panel)

12pm:  Lunch (Aaron Bates: Christian Financial Resources Sponsor)

7 pm:   More Lessons Learned:  Lynn Ragsdale

8:30:    Devotion and Prayer:  Eric Lee

Thursday, September 20

8 am:   Devotion:  Dottie Johnson

8:30:    More Anticipation:  What is coming next in church planting?

9:30:    Closing and next year