CPExecs Retreat | September 18-21, 2017

YMCA of the Rockies | Estes Park, CO

Leverage Points: Shifting from Addition to Multiplication

New churches lose their edge, as they get older. Why is that? The statistics are unnerving…

  • Churches less than 3 years old win an average of 10 people for every 100 church members.
  • Churches 3-10 years old win an average of 5 people for every 100 church members.
  • Churches over 15 years old win an average of 3 people for every 100 members. (Stetzer, Planting New Churches)

Why? My personal hunch is that new churches lose their edge when the leaders no longer feel the sheer desperation that accompanied the early months of their launch process. A Sunday morning eventually arrives when the leader knows that all the key volunteer spots are filled, and there’s enough cash in the church account to survive for several months. At that moment the leader’s true motivational driver is revealed; church planters that are driven only by sheer desperation lose their edge. But leaders who are driven by compassion for lost people keep pushing forward because they know that “Salvation hangs in the balance” for someone this week.

Now if new churches can lose their edge… can the same thing be said of church-planting networks? Can you and I lose our edge as network leaders? When I started Nexus, I felt a driving pressure to produce immediate results. But with each passing year, I’m finding myself feeling less and less desperate. Over time we’ve found routine ways of doing things… our systems are in place and functioning… we’re launching a predictable number of projects each year. And there is a little voice in the back of my head that whispers, “Settle in, relax. Take things slower. We’re good!” But there is also a voice that wonders, “Could we do more? Might we pick up speed? What would it look like to go faster?”

Our 2017 Retreat in Estes Park is all about us honing a sharper edge as networks… pushing forward, envisioning new paths, and imagining a different future. And we’re blessed to have Ralph Moore as our speaker. Our topic is Leverage Points: Shifting from Addition to Multiplication.

We’ve asked Ralph to engage with us through a series of guided interviews and open Q&A. Ralph has planted several churches himself – and his network of new churches now numbers 2,400+ congregations. John Honold, one of Ralph’s protégés, will accompany Ralph. John emerged from within the Hope Chapel farm system, has started churches, and is now giving birth to daughter churches. Ralph is good at unpacking the broad picture – the concepts – and John is helpful in explaining the nuts & bolts.

In addition to our catching up and swapping stories, we will push into the details that propelled Hope Chapel beyond addition and into multiplication. I personally will be coming with questions about the ways they identify and raise up lay leaders who become very effective church planters. Also, how do they plant so effectively while providing so little financial backing? And what steps have proven useful in creating an evangelistic culture that has people routinely uprooting their lives and moving to help start new churches elsewhere?

I won’t promise that you’ll come home with everything figured out! Nor will you emerge from the retreat with an entirely new way of envisioning your network. But I do think we’ll all head home seeing our networks in a new light… with some new ideas to try out… and a renewed sense of healthy desperation… a passion for lost people. Salvation does hang in the balance… I’m praying we identify Leverage Points that will help each of us shift from addition toward multiplication!

Looking forward to seeing you in September! Phil


The 2017 Church Planting Executive Director’s Retreat will be held September 18-21 at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO. Housing and Conference Sessions will be held in the Wind River Lodge.

This year’s theme and program is under the direction of Phil Claycomb, Executive Director for Nexus. The theme is Leverage Points: Shifting from Addition to Multiplication. The guest speaker will be Ralph Moore, author of Let Go of the Ring. Additional program details will be forthcoming. For more information,  Email Phil

As in past years, you should plan to arrive at the YMCA of the Rockies at 4:00p on Monday the 18th. You should plan to stay through Thursday morning, the retreat usually ends by 10:30a. If you fly into Denver International Airport, plan for about three hours to get to and from the Retreat Center. More information regarding the YMCA is on the Location page.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact page and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thanks, Paige